We Happy Few Listed for PS4 by Amazon

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 16, 2017

You can also still try it for free on Xbox One, and with DLC planned, a Season Pass will also be available for the game.

We Happy Few will be published by Gearbox Publishing and apparently players can expect a full fat experience with "three different characters and more than 250 unique encounters". On Xbox One and PC, pre-ordering will give you access to the alpha version.

Preorder your copy of We Happy Few for $60, with a 15% discount at participating retailers, and receive the in-game Jolly Brolly parasol weapon.

Created to be replayed, We Happy Few doesn't let you reload your save if you die. "Each of these three playable characters has their own particular strengths - and their own dark secrets". Those who pre-order through the Windows 10 Store will get access to the alpha version when pre-orders open on the store this fall.

A former Kickstarter title, We Happy Few has been in Early Access on the above-mentioned platforms since July 2016, with a final release expected to hit sometime in the relatively near future. PlayStation 4 owners will receive an exclusive theme for the console if they pre-order the game.

A collector's version-which doesn't include a copy of the game, but instead features various 60s-inspired items-will be available for $150 Dollars. Included in the We Happy Few Collector's Set is a replica Bobby mask, the game's soundtrack on vinyl, a Joy alarm clock, a "You Look Smashing" Lamp, and more.

Gearbox is touting the upcoming release of We Happy Few as much grander in scale that what was envisioned back when the game was first shown off during its Kickstarter days. Compulsion Games continues to retain all creative control over We Happy Few as it evolves from a crowdfunding digital success to a worldwide multiplatform retail launch.

Compulsion Games released the "Life in Technicolour" update for We Happy Few today, which adds new Joy effects, an improved user interface, reworked AI and more, according to the company.

Alex Osborn is a freelance writer for IGN.

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