Shrinkflation bites again as famous Walnut Whip becomes the 'Walnot' Whip

Paterniano Del Favero
Agosto 16, 2017

Alison Clinton, Nestle's chocolate brand manager in the United Kingdom and Ireland, said in a statement announcing the new whips: "These new products will offer consumers more choice enabling them to share their favourite products with their family and friends".

Nestle is launching new flavours of classic chocolate the Walnut Whip, only without the nut on top.

The vanilla and caramel versions of the Walnut Whip, a cone of milk chocolate with a fondant filling, will go on sale this week under the Nestlé Whip brand, with a mint variant to follow next month.

The Swiss-based food maker said the new range would cater to consumers who don't like nuts, yet the launch comes as sharply rising walnut prices join a list of increasing raw material costs forcing manufacturers into a range of economy measures. The sweet is one of Nestle's oldest chocolates, first introduced in 1910.

That has seen prices of walnuts surge 20%, she told The Guardian.

The news is a further indication of the impact of shrinkflation.

In November 2016, chocolate lovers erupted into social media fury after manufacturer Mondelez reduced the weight of a version of Toblerone bars to 150 grams from 170 grams by spacing out its triangular chocolate peaks more widely.

In July, the Office for National Statistics reported that as many as 2,529 products have shrunk in size over the past five years, but are being sold for the same price.

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