Palestinians with India-connect names attend Independence Day event

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 16, 2017

"The US is proud to stand with the people of India, the world's largest democracy, in the cause for freedom and prosperity around the globe".

India was finally granted independence in 1947, at the same time as Pakistan, which received the Muslim-majority regions on the subcontinent's western and eastern flanks.

The US on Tuesday greeted India on its Independence Day and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious vision for India-US ties holds great promise for advancing their shared interests in the 21st century.

Not only India but other countries like USA, Vietnam, Belgium etc. are celebrating this day. The Indian Embassies inmany countries have been decorated with the colours of our National Flag in order to mark the 71st Independence Day. The Indian Embassies all over the world are celebrating the day when India gained freedom from the British rule. Your favourite actors channelled their love for the nation through their social media feeds, wishing their followers a Happy Independence Day.

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