Indian PM Pledges To Build New India By 2022

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 16, 2017

Referring to the Gorakhpur tragedy, the Prime Minister said sympathies of the entire nation were with the families who lost their children at a state-run hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

"The poison of casteism and communalism can never benefit the country". Without naming its hostile neighbours, China and Pakistan, Modi said the country's security was a priority for his government.

Modi did not leave the school children gathered at Red Fort unhappy as he walked up to them after his speech. Clearly, the Red Fort address this time around indicated that Modi Government was half way through its five-year-term and was not in a mood to make any major commitment. "I guess that covers both sides - terrorists and security forces", the National Conference leader said on Twitter. "Na gaali se, nagoli se, parivartan hoga gale lagaane se", PM Modi said. He said that "a handful of separatists" were resorting to "various tactics" to create problems in the state. Modi hailed Kashmir as paradise on Earth and the country wants to restore the glory of Kashmir.

The Sena also said that violence in "the name of faith is prevalent in the country", which frightens not only Muslims but the Hindus as well.

- Modi considered 2017 as a very special year as it marks 100th anniversary of Champaran Satyagrah, 125th anniversary of Ganesh Utsav and 75th anniversary of quit India movement. Besides the new India, Modi came out in support of Muslim women who have been struggling for abolition of triple talaq. 25 lakh crore is under scanner which was deposited in the banks after demonetisation. Out of this, Rs 2.25 lakh cr in the banking system is under suspicion.

Those who have looted the nation, and the poor, are not able to sleep peacefully, and honesty is being celebrated today, he said, asserting that "the fight against black money will continue". Modi said a new hope had replaced hopelessness in the country, forcing people to give up "this "chalta hai" attitude" and think of "badal sakta hai".

In neighbouring Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar pledged to provide good governance and not to compromise with corruption. He lamented that democracy has been confined to ballots. "It actually showed India's capacity to mess up implementation", said P Chidambaram.

Of the 18 lakh, 4.5 lakh people have come out in open and are seeking to amend their "mistakes", he said, adding that one lakh of them had not paid income tax ever in the past.

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