Google Home Preview Program For Testing Future Software Opens To Everyone

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 16, 2017

Back in February of this year, there was a report going around that talked about a new calling feature that was being worked on for both Google Home as well as Amazon's Echo devices. Google has just announced that hands-free outgoing call support will roll out to U.S. and Canada Google Home owners starting today.

You now have no excuse to not call your mom more often. Unfortunately, that means the people you call won't see your familiar phone number pop up when you ring them from Google Home.

A lucky Google Home user was able to make hands-free calls on his smart speaker for a brief moment, indicating that Google might be releasing this new feature soon. The service is said to let you call any phone number in the United States and Canada and it is also setup to use your own numbers as the outgoing numbers (for caller ID purposes).

Google Home owners, you should consider signing up for the newly launched Google Home Preview Program. Google says it hopes to allow users to link their mobile numbers by the end of the year.

Using the wake phrase of "OK Google" or "Hey Google" users can tell the small speaker to call a local business, either by name or business type (Ex., florist, bakery, etc.). It's convenient for phone calls too, because users can refer to contacts like "Mom" and place a call to the right person. Phone calls to emergency 911 services and global numbers are not supported.

Google Home users in the US received access to the multi-user feature in April. The Echo can make device to device calls, but is limited to devices with Amazon's assistant Alexa. Google responds by saying "Calling Alamo Drafthouse", and the LED lights on the top light up with a subtle animation to mimic the ringing you'd typically here when making a call on your phone, and when the call is answered, they pulse even brighter to show that the person on the other end picked up.

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