Why marmite could prevent miscarriages and birth defects

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 10, 2017

A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux.

One in four pregnant women now suffer from a miscarriage, and an estimated 7.9 million babies worldwide are born with a serious birth defect every year.

Research has showed that vitamin B3, also known as niacin, can cure molecular deficiencies that stop embryos and babies' organs from developing correctly in the womb.

"The ramifications are likely to be huge".

Health Minister Greg Hunt hailed the study as a "historic medical breakthrough".

The breakthrough has been described as "one of the most significant discoveries in pregnancy research", as the findings will transform the way expectant mothers are cared for.

"And with 7.9 million babies around the world now being born with birth defects every year, this breakthrough is incredible news".

But vitamin B3, which is required to make NAD, can rectify this deficiency.

"After the dietary change, both the miscarriages and birth defects were completely prevented, with all the offspring born perfectly healthy".

Apparently, during their research, by increasing a pregnant woman's vitamin-B intake upped the embryo's NAD levels, which, in turn, could be indicitave of the potential to dramatically slash miscarriage and congenital malformations across the world.

They added that current vitamin supplements for pregnant women might not contain sufficient levels of Vitamin B3.

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