UN Security Council calls for disbursement of Oslo fund to Nigeria, others

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 10, 2017

The UN Security Council on Wednesday called for the disbursement of the funds pledged for the North-east Nigeria at the Oslo Conference on Boko Haram in February.

A presidential statement adopted by the UN Security Council has acknowledged for the first time that fighting between government and rebel forces in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, and Northeastern Nigeria is responsible for starvation threatening 20 million people, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said in a press release.

"The Security Council calls for the immediate disbursement of the funds already pledged to Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and north-east Nigeria at successive global conferences".

The Security Council commended donors for providing humanitarian assistance in response to the four crises but said additional resources and funding are needed "to pull people back from the brink of starvation".

"The Security Council has finally acknowledged the clear link between conflict and starvation", she said in a statement.

In a statement by the Security Council presidency, occupied by Egypt this month, the 15-member authority warned that the armed conflicts in those countries have had devastating humanitarian consequences. In its statement, the Security Council requested that the secretary-general kept it informed about the situation in those countries and the humanitarian response.

The Council also made specific recommendations on how to address country-specific impediments in order to enable a more robust short and long-term response.

The Council further urged all parties to protect civilian infrastructure which is critical to the delivery of humanitarian aid in the affected countries.

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