New Hampshire primary voters likely to pick John Kasich over President Trump

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 10, 2017

Donald Trump's approval rating continues to fall.

The poll revealed a similar division when respondents were asked about Trump's handling of the economy; 45 approved of the president's approach while 47 percent felt the opposite, Sputnik reported. "There also seem to be questions from those core voters about his ability to manage the government".

Concerning Trump's handling of national security, public opinion was nearly evenly divided; 48 percent said they approved and 47 percent disproved.

"He is very sensitive about this topic because he was very critical of previous presidents, Obama jetting off to Hawaii for example".

Just 18 percent of respondents approve strongly of the president's performance. Gallup's daily tracking poll indicates 38 percent of American approve of the job the president is doing.

Still, 80 percent of Republicans in the CBS poll said they approve of Trump, up from 72 percent in June. It has an error margin of 4 points.

"After 200 days, rarely has any Administration achieved what we have achieved.not even close!" he tweeted.

The poll was conducted before Trump on Tuesday ratcheted up the rhetoric on North Korea, warning Pyongyang's threats would be met with "fire, fury and, frankly, power".

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