Morrisons promises not to adopt brands using fake farm names

Paterniano Del Favero
Agosto 10, 2017

Morrisons has vowed not to adopt brands which use the names of fake farms to sell goods to shoppers, in a move to support real farmers across the UK.

In addition, our sponsor Morrisons will be hosting hundreds of farmers at its stores between 2-4pm today. With 83 per cent of the United Kingdom population living in urban areas (Source: ONS 2016), 46 per cent of Brits have never met a farmer, 32 per cent have never visited a working farm and 52 per cent say they don't know how the food they buy is grown.

The NFU and the Soil Association have condemned fake farm brands as misleading for consumers and insulting to farmers. The farming industry has reacted angrily to the branding, accusing retailers of misleading consumers and riding on the coattails of the trust United Kingdom farmers have built. The most high-profile example was in March 2016 when Tesco, the UK's largest retailer, launched seven brands - including Woodside Farms and Boswell Farms - based on British-sounding but fictitious names.

Following a survey carried out by the retailer which revealed 70 per cent of people objected to the use of fake farm brands, Morrisons pledged to drop any products which use fictitious farm or place names on any branding or packaging.

It defines this as brands that can give a misleading impression that food comes from a British farm, market or farming town which may not even exist.

Keith Heptinstall, Store manager at Morrisons Skegness said: "We believe that by meeting our real farmers, customers will understand that we are supporting real local businesses and understand more about where their food comes from".

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