Disney to launch its own streaming service

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 10, 2017

- Out-of-market MLS games (BAMTech also runs the MLS Live streaming service).

Plus, Disney may need these hyper-popular titles to successfully launch a brand-new streaming service, much like CBS will be putting Star Trek: Discovery exclusively on its streaming service, CBS All Access, starting September 24.

The studio has announced that, following the now deal, it will remove all of its movies from the service with the intention of providing both entertainment and sports content via two new streaming services of its own.

South Texas Money Management Ltd decreased its stake in Disney Walt Co (DIS) by 50.55% based on its latest 2016Q4 regulatory filing with the SEC.

Disney's new streaming service will be available from Disney itself, from app stores, or from Pay-TV partners. Pending approval by the Feds, Disney will have control of a huge cash cow and this will bring the huge conglomerate some much needed revenue.

To Marci Ryvicker of Wells Fargo, Disney's announcement led to many unanswered questions.

The move could accelerate the trend toward "cord cutting" in which consumers drop extensive cable TV bundles in favor of streaming services such as Netflix.

It will offer regional, national and global events including MLB, MLS, NHL, Grand Slam tennis tournaments and college sports. Shareholders of record on Monday, July 10th were given a $0.78 dividend. And it will continue to work with Disney in developing new technology for BAMTech.

It's an important step for ESPN, which has seen its lucrative cable-TV subscriber base wither via cord-cutting at the same time rights fees for the major US sports have skyrocketed.

NHL - ESPN and the NHL? "And so we view this as a complementary service to what ESPN is already providing".

ESPN and Disney have yet to set a price point, according to The Verge.

Major League Baseball and NHL owners - Oh, how the rich get richer. We can't forget the investment Major League Baseball owners made in BAMTech when it was originally developed. They are smiling today. On social media, users generally expressed displeasure with the notion of having to pay for a separate streaming service and that these titles would be leaving the streamer. The company can not afford to see that revenue stream dry up - to have consumers ditch cable en masse for its OTT offering - especially at a time when more and more people are ditching cable altogether (ESPN has lost more than 10 million subscribers since 2010).

Given the studios huge back catalog and ongoing investment in TV and live-action film, this kind of service makes flawless sense.

Netflix - This is the obvious loser.

The new Disney streaming service will become the "exclusive home in the US for subscription video on demand", of Disney and Pixar live action and animated movies, according to a news release. So hot shot franchises like "Star Wars", "The Avengers" and "Toy Story" would all be on this platform.

The relationship between Disney and Netflix began in 2012, when the two companies shook hands on a high-profile deal. CBS announced this the day before Disney made its BAMTech deal.

In 2019, Disney's will cease to provide new content for Netflix to begin its own service that will offer original Walt Disney content.

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