Wind power growing in Minnesota, and around US

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 9, 2017

The U.S. Department of Energy found a growth spurt in the wind power industry past year, both in Minnesota and nationally.

The reports are being released during a period of uncertainty about continued support for renewable energy under the Trump administration, but also when New England states - notably MA - are seeking large amounts of wind power to meet renewable power goals.

New data from the U.S. Energy Department shows Minnesota wind energy capacity increased about 9 percent previous year.

The cost of wind power rivals other forms of electricity generation, said Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman. "That's why we're seeing such a huge growth in the wind energy in Minnesota". "As our reports explain, a combination of federal subsidies, state mandates and technological advancements continue to help drive new wind-capacity additions". Investment totaled $13 billion, increasing capacity by 8,203 megawatts. The first four turbines will be installed for Wind for Industry projects to supply wind energy to Whirlpool Corporation facilities in Marion and Ottawa, Ohio.

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