GOP senator suggests brain tumor affected McCain vote

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

It was a dramatic, post-midnight move that crushed the GOP's hopes of landing successful health care legislation anytime soon - or ever? - and it seems that some senators haven't been able to accept the possibility that McCain may have truly meant to vote how he did. John McCain's brain tumor and the early morning hours may have affected the Arizona Republican's no vote on the Senate bill to repeal Obamacare.

"Again, I'm not going to speak for John McCain".

Kaczynski writes that a "shocked" radio host asked Johnson "really?" in reply to his insinuations, asking "if he really believed McCain's brain tumor might have factored into his judgment".

"I really thought John was going to vote yes to send that (bill) to conference at 10:30 that night", Johnson said. By about 1, 1:30, he voted no. He sounds a lot less confused about his vote than Johnson. "So you'd have to talk to John in terms of what was on his mind".

A spokesperson for Johnson did not immediately return a request for further comment.

In a statement, McCain spokeswoman Julie Tarallo said, "It is freakish and deeply unfortunate that Senator Johnson would question the judgment of a colleague and friend". There, all four senators threatened to withhold support from the so-called "skinny" attempt at repealing certain parts of the Affordable Care Act unless they received assurances from House leaders that they would not simply pass the Senate bill. "Senator McCain has been very open and clear about the reasons for his vote". Less than a week after the diagnosis - and before starting treatment - he returned to Washington to vote on the bill.

"Even those who want me to die don't want me to die right away", he joked.

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