People were seriously IMPRESSED with Katie Price's kids on This Morning

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Agosto 3, 2017

The two completely charmed viewers after opening up about life in front of the cameras.

Speaking about his mum, the spirited youngster revealed: 'I think she's super insane.

"He does the bits at home that need doing, I'm the breadwinner".

Discussing the decision process behind appearing in a fly on the wall series about their life, her 11th and his first, she explained: 'I just asked him, I said well basically the cameras are going to be around so it's just easier for you to be in it and dodge the camera or you'll never see me, so he did it.

The Loose Women star joined hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on the chat show on Thursday morning.

Princess revealed: "I don't really notice it because I just do my own thing".

'He's quite good with it actually, he doesn't have a choice really'. It's just chaos but if that all went, I would be so bored. "He's actually really romantic with your singing".

Junior replied: "Well I've never actually thought of being a singer but I do sometimes think I could be".

'They don't go to stage school, they go to a normal school, ' the mum-of-five explained. I like my school and I try and be good at school. "I like the chaos and the loudness and just having fun".

Quick to comment on Junior's politeness Katie said: "Look how angelic you're coming across today". "What is he normally like?"

"I have to be polite with people I'm meeting" he began. Princess then started teasing Junior and saying he's usually "rude", and Junior protested that he only behaved cheekily with people he knew.

Meanwhile Katie was giggling at them both. What she's trying to say, is I'm just more open with the people I know. I'm never rude. I know the line and when you cross the line.

Eamonn praised the youngster before applauding him for his "wise" words.

Ruth and Eamonn were clearly impressed with Junior and Princess for their good behaviour during the interview and viewers at home were equally smitten with them.

One wrote on Twitter: "Pete and Katie have both done a fabulous job with these two, both so well mannered and polite! Must be the most attractive child, he cracked me up this morning #Thismorning".

Many viewers heaped praise on Katie for how polite her kids were on the show.

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