Kendall Jenner Gets A Permanent Restraining Order Against One Of Her Fans!

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Agosto 3, 2017

The obsessive fan is also not allowed to contact Kris Jenner's daughter at all during this period and can not own guns.

This isn't the first time Kendall has had to obtain a restraining order against a devotee - previous year (16), she faced off against alleged stalker Shavaughn McKenzie in court, following his arrest for trespassing at her Hollywood Hills home in August, 2016 after allegedly shadowing her through a security gate when she arrived home in her auto.

The model and reality star, 21, has obtained a temporary restraining order after he sent her several letters which had an 'increasing hostile and threatening tone'. It's said the RO will last for three years and ensures that Hummel will stay 100 yards away from Kendall. According to the reality TV star, she experienced great emotional distress as a result of the experience, as stated by a report from The Daily Mail.

Court documents previously revealed the full catalogue of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her 62-year-old stalker.

Sending letters on an nearly daily basis, Hummel accused Kendall of being an "internet w**** who is "cackling through life". Hummel's letters to the supermodel were at first just declarations of love, but then transitioned to aggressive notes where he called her "an internet whore". She said, "I used to be the one who was so independent".

Hummel also accused Kris of weird behavior, like paying A$AP to sleep with Kendall, which is insane because no one would have to pay him to do that!

Even more shocking, he writes that Kris organised for her to be raped at a birthday party, which is of course completely untrue and unfounded. You seem to think that piles of money justify anything'. When confronted by Kendall's security team back in March, however, Hummel began to take an entirely different, far darker approach. He was convicted of trespassing outside her home and sentenced to 178 days in jail but credits for good behaviour allowed his release the same day.

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