I will show Vijender Singh what Chinese are capable of: Zulpikar Maimaitiali

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Agosto 3, 2017

On the sporting front, India's Vijender Singh and China's Zulpikar Maimaitiali are set to face off at "Battleground Asia" in Mumbai on Saturday and the Indian pugilist says that the event makes him feel responsible for the nation given the uneasy relationship the two countries now share.

"There is more responsibility [than pressure] because it is India versus China and right now the situation is bad", Singh said.

"I don't think he poses any challenge", the Indian boxer said, ahead of the bout against Maimaitiali which will take place in Mumbai on August 5.

The controversial 31-year-old, who is eyeing opportunities in the United Kingdom and USA if he manages to overcome 23-year-old Maimaitiali, is taking every opportunity to downplay the threat from his opponent while jabbing away at his Chinese nationality.

"I am eagerly waiting for Saturday as it's going to be a flawless 9-0 and for me. I will try to knock him down by the fourth or fifth round", he said. You know China is a fast developing country. He referred his next opponent and china's Zulpikar as Chinese product and quoted "Chinese products won't long last longer".

Vijender is under the tutelage of trainer Lee Beard for this bout and has been training in Manchester, England.

Not to be outdone in the nation-baiting stakes, Maimaitiali fired back.

Asked whether being a southpaw is an advantage, Zulpikar said it is.

"If I win the bout, I'll trounce the "Hero of India".

His 8th win was against the Francis Cheka of Tanzania; he defends the title WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Champion. But he says his superior experience will be a telling factor on Saturday night. "But I don't have to see him get hurt", Archana had told the Hindustan Times in 2016. He has only been in eight fights. But he has scored around five to six knockouts. He's younger than me and that's a drawback for him because he makes mistakes in his rush to finish bouts quickly.

The fight between two boxers, billed as Battleground Asia by IOS Boxing Promotions, will be staged at NSCI indoor stadium.

"I've had good insight into Vijender's career". It will be an honour to go back to China victorious. But I don't think he knows as much as he thinks about Zuli. "If he is going to be aggressive, I will react accordingly", the Indian boxer said.

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