Friendship treaty with Bulgaria brings Macedonia closer to European Union membership - EP

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 3, 2017

Neighbours Macedonia and Bulgarian on Tuesday signed a landmark friendship treaty that aims to turn their long-ambiguous relationship into a close, EU-oriented partnership.

"We welcome the signature of the bilateral "Treaty on friendship, good neighbourliness and cooperation" between Bulgaria and Macedonia. The European Parliament will continue to support the Sobranie in fulfilling the aspirations of its citizens and on the necessary reforms to move the country forward on its European path", it was written in the statement.

The deal recognises both countries' territorial integrity, envisages the establishment of a commission that will try to resolve their differing views of history, and contains a pledge to protect the rights of the other country's nationals living on their soil - but not to interfere in the other's domestic affairs.

The ministers of transport and energy of the two countries signed memorandums of understanding for completion of the construction of a railroad link between Sofia and Skopje as well as for a pipeline connecting the gas transmission systems of European Union member Bulgaria and Macedonia.

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