Calexit Activist Calls Middle Class Exodus 'A Good Thing'; YesCalifornia Backs Away

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 3, 2017

But Carlson was left visibly dumbfounded when the guest, Shankar Singam, admitted that he was glad the middle class was being driven out of California.

Activists wanting California to secede from the union distanced themselves from a fellow organizer Wednesday who told Fox News's Tucker Carlson that the state's middle class should reside elsewhere in the country so a "new wave of immigrants" could move in. "We need these spots opened up for the new wave of immigrants to come up. You guys should be thanking us for that", Singam told Carlson.

"Dude. I don't know if this is like a parody segment, you're punking me, or you're really high and you're just telling the truth because high people do - but you just said you're happy to be exporting the middle class in your state".

YesCalifornia responded to the comments on social media, saying Singam "wasn't speaking for us".

However, according to CBS Los Angeles, Yes California's relationship with Singam is vague, but the group tweeted a video out of him in December calling him a Calexit leader.

In the video, Singam stands in front of a "" flag while conducting a Q&A with viewers on topics that included an apparent concern over the USA invading California in the event of a secession. "You can shoot us, the stronger of us are gonna stand behind our weak and our poor and you can kill us first before you slaughter the weak and the poor".

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