BBCI: Uniqlo unveils airport vending machines

Paterniano Del Favero
Agosto 3, 2017

Ever arrive at the airport and only then realise you forgot to pack your coat? Or wished you'd packed a warmer shirt?

The machine offers a selection of light jackets and shirts for both men and women. Other brands, including Benefit Cosmetics LLC, also have tried airport vending machines as a way to tap a captive preboarding audience.

The vending machines will stock tops retailing at about $15 (£11.30) and lightweight jackets for about $70 (£53). A variety of colours and sizes can be selected at the machine. Each item comes in compact packages and cans, not unlike your average vending machine snack. Any unwanted items can be returned at a shop or by mail, following the brand's standard return policy.

Nine other locations in airports and shopping centres across the United States have been touted for Uniqlo vending machines later this month, including major cities NY and Los Angeles. Getting RM1 drinks or that RM3 bar of chocolate was always a treat (it's nearly a novelty), and then mobile technology brought on the rise of vending machines for powerbanks and phone chargers (we're sure you've seen one).

Would you buy clothes from an airport vending machine? However, rumour has it that the machines have nearly all now been taken out of service, removing temptation for a generation of randy businessmen.

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