Another hair chopping case, now in outer Delhi

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 3, 2017

Three cases wherein braids of three women were allegedly cut were reported from Kangan Heri village in west Delhi's Chhawla area last Sunday.

About three dozen women from Rajasthan and Haryana's Mewat area too have complained of their braids having been similarly chopped mysteriously.

Authorities in Delhi are treating the assaults as crimes but have no leads thus far, said Surinder Kumar, deputy commissioner of Delhi police, told AFP.

After multiple reports of women's braids being chopped off in Haryana, the women of Delhi have reportedly become the next target of the miscreant targeting women's braids. She informed her husband and he called the cops. Before she could comprehend anything, she fell unconscious."When I regained consciousness, I found myself lying on the floor and my braid was chopped off", she said.On Monday morning, 30-year-old Santra, who lives in a rented house in Devi Lal Nagar, Sector 9 in Gurgaon, alleged that she heard some noise coming from near the main gate. "If anyone did it, it could only be someone in the house". He added,"Everything is intact - neither the doors not the windows of the house were tampered with".

One of the daughters said that the police inquired them and had said that a narco-analysis will be done if necessary as they believe the family is making up the whole story.

Police said no progress had been made in another case reported from Niyal Vihar.

Omwati of Tilangpur Kotla said: "As I came out of the washroom around 11 p.m., I felt something on my shoulders and then a gentle tug at my hair". I thought my hair were stuck in my sash.

The woman said she had locked the washroom door from inside, but sensed someone caught hold of and snipped her hair. Panicked villagers suspect "black magic" and have been resorting to superstition to safeguard themselves - such as hanging chillies and lemons to ward off evil spirits. However, due to darkness, she lost her way and reached the other nearby slum, where people presumed Maan Devi to be a witch and started thrashing her. Devi's family told that while the woman shouted out her name and her identity, the people present there ignored it and continued hitting her. "I also did it", she said.

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