Woman Arrested in Japan Over Allegedly Destroying $1 Million Violin Collection

Barsaba Taglieri
Luglio 27, 2017

Japanese police have arrested a woman for allegedly destroying her estranged husband's million-dollar collection of violins. Her ex-husband, who was 62, was a violin maker and collector of antique tools.

The 34-year-old smashed her violin-maker husband's 54-piece set to bits after breaking into his apartment in Nagoya. The damaged violins were made or collected by him and included an Italian violin worth about ¥50 million.

The couple, who separated previous year, were in the middle of a divorce when the incident allegedly took place.

Kawamiya is regularly out of the country on business and was arrested upon her arrival back in Japan following a trip to China.

"The total financial damage claimed by the victim is 105.9 million yen", a police spokesman from the central prefecture of Aichi, where the crime allegedly took place, said.

"She is suspected of entering the home by breaking a window sometime between January 30 and February 19 in 2014", a police officer told AFP.

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