Top 10 most overcrowded train journeys revealed

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 27, 2017

The latest rail overcrowding statistics show that trains into and out of the capital are the most crammed, with some services operating at over twice capacity.


The Department for Transport's "Top 10" overcrowded train services: England and Wales, show that eight of the 10 most overcrowded services in both spring and autumn past year were arriving at or departing from London stations.

The most overcrowded service is Southern Railway's 7.16am train from East Grinstead to London Bridge around 1,366 people squeeze into the dozen carriages created to take just 640 passengers.

This is a load factor of 213% - higher than any other service.

The DfT said additional carriages can not be added to the train but when the Thameslink Programme is completed next year there will be extra services on routes south of London to boost capacity.

Standard class passenger capacity includes the number of standard class seats on the train and may include a standing allowance, depending on how long people would be standing.

Overall, the average proportion of passengers carried on overcrowded trains in major cities was 3.8 per cent.

Lianna Etkind, from the Campaign for Better Transport, said overcrowding was making passengers' lives a "misery".

'With such high levels of overcrowding, the Government can not expect people to pay for yet another fares hike in January.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of passenger watchdog Transport Focus, added: "Continuing to invest in new trains, better frequency, track capacity and improved signalling will ultimately give passengers a better chance of getting a seat or at least stand in some comfort".

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