Google search platform may be added with autoplaying videos option !!

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 27, 2017

For those of you who are not aware of the workings of this dynamic feature, instant search provided instantaneous search results to the users while they were typing in their queries. However, the most frequent changes tend to come to Google Search, which is Google's primary offering.

According to Search Engine Land, since 2010 the search inputs, interactions, and screen constraints have become different.

Google says that the feature was removed to provide a better experience for mobile users and to make Google consistent across platforms.

The feature would also auto load the results page when you searched from the Google home page. Which may create user annoyance.The search result will appear on the right-hand side of the result page.

Now, as increasingly more people turn to their mobile devices when it comes to making a quick Google search, the feature is becoming irrelevant.

Though helpful for users in computers, Google Instant was no use for mobile phones because of the screen restriction. Searches for information about movies or TV shows pops up the video in the right-hand sidebar, which automatically plays once without ads.

Following the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Google has added autoplay videos to search results for queries that return videos in the knowledge panel. It claimed that instant search will save million of seconds per hour as users type something. Google is now killing the desktop-specific feature. I consider this a strong indicator that the reports are true, and that Google may roll out autoplaying videos to Google Search.

I suspect there will be many unhappy users with this change. She noticed that Google would autoplay videos on select searches.

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