Apple is officially killing the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 27, 2017

The iPod shuffle and iPod nano have disappeared from the Apple site.

Both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were first introduced in 2005.

Along with the discontinuation of the iPod Classic in 2014, this strips the iPod line to only the iPod Touch, the iOS-running, Angry Birds-playing cousin to the iPhone, which hasn't been updated since 2015. Apple has made a decision to discontinue the only two iPods in its lineup that did not feature internet connectivity. Just when a new movie makes the iPod cool again, the old models disappear and only the iPod touch remains.

The most important of those apps for an iPod, of course, is Apple Music.

The quiet gravity of this can't be overstated, in my opinion - the iPod is what turned Apple in to the consumer electronics juggernaut it is today. Most people now simply listen to music on their smartphone. The iPod clearly paved the way for the iPhone. One reason Apple may be phasing these devices out is that they don't have Bluetooth, which means they don't work with Apple's latest wireless headphones, like the AirPods.

Regardless, it's the end of an era as Apple no longer sells any traditional music players.

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