What Did Arya Really Tell Nymeria?

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Luglio 25, 2017

They were a cute pair initially, with Arya unsuccessfully attempting to train Nymeria to help her pack her clothes. It could be the wake up call that a happy reunion with her family is "not you" for Arya as well, and like her direwolf her path isn't being domesticated. And according to showrunner D.B. Weiss in the "Inside the Episode" segment, Arya's final words to Nymeria, "That's not you", are a reference to something she herself told her father back in season one.

Arya finally reunited with her long-lost direwolf, Nymeria, in this week's Game of Thrones, and it was totes emosh - and actually a really effective moment of character development for Arya, thank you very much - but it did get us thinking about another furry friend we haven't seen in a while. "Nymeria has created her own world and created her own pack and isn't ready to be Arya's pet".

A tantalising guest appearance of Arya's wolf Nymeria in episode two was nearly conclusively a farewell for her owner, as fans took to Twitter to grieve.

"Once the wolf walks away [.] she realizes the wolf is doing exactly what she would do if she were that wolf".

Since its debut in 2010, the fantasy epic has picked up 38 Emmys, more than any other fictional show, but showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss announced a year ago it would finish with 13 episodes spread over a final two seasons.

Fans didn't take long to tweet out their emotional reactions to what can easily be considered one of the saddest scenes in this season so far. She decided that, to save Nymeria's life, she had to send Nymeria away - and threw rocks at her so she'd run off in a sad scene. The young but skilled baker informs her that "the Boltons are dead" and Jon Snow rules Winterfell as King of the North. Arya, visibly excited, leaves the inn heading north.

Nymeria was last seen in the first season of the show, when Arya let her go. Now that we know she is still out there, the possibility of her returning at a crucial moment will always be in the back of our heads.

The wolf recognised her former owner and saved her from certain death as the other animals rounded on her. To be someone's pet would reverse everything she's learned.

The episode's writer, Bryan Cogman, agreed. In the end, they're both lone wolves. What does it foreshadow for Arya?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

"I only recently just watched all the episodes".

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