MetroPCS customers get Scam ID and Scam Block this week

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 25, 2017

T-Mobile US announced that both Scam ID and Scam Block will be available to customers of its prepaid brand MetroPCS starting from 25 July at no extra cost.

MetroPCS customers, you're getting a couple of nifty new features this week.

T-Mobile often pushes features that it offers its own customers to those on MetroPCS, and today that's exactly what's happening with two features that launched on T-Mo earlier this year.

T-Mobile rolled out an advanced scam protection feature for its customers not too long ago. If the call is coming from a number of a scammer or suspected scammer, the phone will flag the number with the warning 'Scam Likely.' If that's the case, the user can then decline it straight away instead of bothering with answering. The technology has been live since this past April, and it has thus far identified and/or blocked scam calls for more than 243 million users, according to the company. Afterward, the subscriber has the choice to either accept or reject the call.

Scam ID, which will be automatically enabled for all customers, identifies an incoming as a likely scam if the program deems it to be as such. Scam Block will prevent these calls from even ringing your phone. It is important to note that to make this feature work, the carrier compares the phone call data to an global database of known numbers used by scammers. Scam ID will be enabled by default, and if you want to turn on Scam Block, simply open your Phone app and punch in #ONB# (#662). T-Mobile thus estimates that these features have helped save its customers from over $130 million in potential losses.

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