Hulu And YouTube TV Now Included In TV Ratings Announces Nielsen

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 25, 2017

Nielsen is taking a big step in measuring streaming TV today with the addition of Hulu and YouTube TV to its ratings.

It also signifies that these platforms are not just supporting on-demand advertising where commercials can be swapped and targeted, but also working to sustain the linear ad model, said Megan Clarken, president-product leadership, Nielsen.

It's very early days for these services and it's unclear how many people subscribe or frequently watch live.

Nielsen Holdings will begin including Hulu Live TV and Google's YouTube TV viewing in its TV ratings in the United States in an effort to capture the shift from traditional broadcast to watching shows on laptops or smartphones, the company said on Tuesday.

More specifically, Clarken said data about Hulu and YouTube TV will be incorporated into Nielsen's C3/C7 numbers, which are used by TV ad-buyers and reflect viewership during a three- and seven-day time window.

Those metrics will now include viewing across desktops and mobile devices from "skinny bundles" offered by Hulu and YouTube - slimmed-down packages of cable channels that stream live for a monthly fee, acting as a replacement for traditional cable service.

"This is the first time the biggest digital-first, TV streaming companies have come into the fold in terms of being included in TV ratings", Clarken said.

Nielsen TV ratings have been a long-standing method of determining the success of a TV show on any given network, but it has only focused on traditional methods of viewing TV to measure those ratings. That viewing will count toward viewing in Nielsen's standard TV ratings. Instead, the networks might use the data to discuss their overall reach, and advertisers could strategize accordingly.

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