How Alice Cooper became $10 million richer thanks to Andy Warhol

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 25, 2017

Nope, us neither, but then we're not Alice Cooper. "So we went and found it rolled up in a tube".

- U.S. rock musician Alice Cooper has found a classic Andy Warhol artwork rolled up in storage after more than 40 years tucked away alongside tour equipment, BBC News reveals.

It had been collecting dust in storage for four decades! You know, like we all do with our priceless possessions.

The painting is a silkscreen called "Little Electric Chair" in red that Cooper used in the 1970s as part of his stage show, The Guardian reported.

Cooper's manager Shep Gordon spoke with The Guardian, revealing that in 1972 Alice and Cindy had just moved to NY, and Andy Warhol (like Alice) loved hanging with celebrities, so they began a friendship.

With a career spanning over 50 years, one would nearly expect Alice Cooper to forget a few things that he's done in his career, but forgetting that he owned a $10 million Andy Warhol painting probably tops the list for the ageing shock-rocker.

"As I recall", the manager explained, "Cindy came to me for $2,500 for the painting".

Rocker #Alice Cooper rediscovered that he owned a very valuable painting that he had placed in storage and forgotten about, according to MSN reports.

A similar version of the Warhol artwork sold at Christie's in NY in 2014 for $10.5m. It's stayed in storage ever since!

Although another Little Electric Chair work by the artist sold in 2015 for $11.6 million, Alice's is unlikely to sell for that sum because it is unsigned and experts at the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts stopped authenticating works in 2011.

The artwork is by #Andy Warhol and is worth an estimated $#10 Million. So it was a blurry time for Cooper, who thought he might have had a conversation with Andy about the painting but was not 100 percent sure. "Andy Warhol was not "Andy Warhol" back then".

"Andy Warhol was not "Andy Warhol" back then", Gordon noted, adding that, "it was all a swirl of drugs and drinking".

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