Canberra Raiders recruit top lawyer to represent Sia Soliola at NRL judiciary

Rufina Vignone
Luglio 25, 2017

Melbourne's medical report stated that Slater had no idea where he was and had no recollection of what he had done in the previous fortnight - during which time he had featured in Queensland's State of Origin triumph.

That includes having Wighton cleared of a shoulder charge last September, and getting Justin Hodges off a unsafe throw charge to allow him to play his NRL farewell in the 2015 grand final.

"Apologies to everyone who was affected by this, especially Billy and his family and the Melbourne Storm, as well as our own fans at the Canberra Raiders". "It's pretty disappointing losing five weeks but I respect and accept the punishment they have passed on".

"I'd like to thank the NRL for giving me a fair hearing", Soliola said following the NRL judiciary.

Soliola told the hearing there was no malice in the tackle and disagreed that he could have pulled out.

"It will be taken out of Billy's hands I would say".

The NRL's legal counsel, led by Anthony Lo Surdo, argued for a six-week suspension, saying Soliola had his fist clenched at the point of impact and made a two or three step beeline towards Slater in order to shut him down.

Sia Soliola has offered his condolences to Billy Slater after he copped him with an ugly tackle that had him taken off the field in a stretcher.

Ghabar, on behalf of the forward, is likely to cite that Slater was slipping into the tackle as a factor when he mounts his case to the three-man judiciary panel.

Very bad sight: A concussed Billy Slater is assisted from the field.

"I know it has been dragging on but I need to find out if I want to play on or not and I'm doing a few things to figure out what life after football looks like if I do retire".

Senior NRL review official Bernard Sutton has taken the bullet for failing to send off Soliola, while referees boss Tony Archer also pinned blame on assistant referee Chris Butler.

"It comes down to the actual adjudication and I don't want to judge the referees but you would think the situation - how it all unfolded, having the ability to see the replays, there should have been a harsher penalty on the night".

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