Arrested for son's 2012 murder, Mark Redwine faces judge in Washington

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 25, 2017

Mark Redwine, the Washington man who accused his ex-wife of murdering his son during an appearance on Dr. Phil, was charged by the police on Saturday morning in connection with the crime.

Redwine has always been a person of interest in his son's death after the teen went missing during a court-ordered visit.

"The investigation showed that Dylan Redwine's blood was found in multiple locations in this home at the defendants, and that was determined to be Dylan's through DNA analysis", the attorney said.

Redwine appeared in court for an extradition hearing, the Durango Herald reported. Redwine did not waive his rights, so the governor of Colorado will have to request his extradition, which could take up to 90 days.

Instead the court was given an outline of the charges against him and bail was set.

Investigators said cadaver dogs indicated a dead body had been in his living room and in the bed of his truck.

But a year before that, investigators said Dylan's half-brother told them that Redwine had mentioned Dylan died of blunt-force injuries.

What new evidence have they found that they believe link Mark Redwine to this murder? According to the indictment, security cameras showed little personal interaction between the father and son at the airport.

Two years later, in 2015, hikers further up the mountain discovered Dylan's skull.

Dylan Redwine's blood was found in his father's house.

Search: A massive seven months long search ensued after Dylan's disappearance. Some of his remains were discovered in June 2013.

Dylan's mom, Elaine Hall, said she "never had any doubt from day one, when Dylan went missing - I knew that Mark had something to do with it".

Dylan's mother also said that her former spouse once mentioned that if he ever needed to dispose of a body that he would take it out to the mountains.

At the time of the alleged murder, Hall and Redwine were in the midst of a bitter custody battle, the indictment states.

Ms Hall told authorities that her ex-husband told her he would "kill the kids before he let her have them", the indictment alleges. He even claimed to have had seen "compromising pictures" of Redwine that he wasn't supposed to see, the indictment alleges. The nature of those photos was not discussed. Dylan's mother Elaine Hall has gone on national TV accusing Mark Redwine of being involved in her son's death.

The judge in Washington also set a $1 million bond for Redwine, which is the same amount established in Colorado.

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