Smelling a rat: Airline denies farting passenger sparked plane evacuation

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 17, 2017

Authorities investigated the incident and determined that one of the passengers had "passed gas".

In January a year ago, one flier felt compelled to pass the flight attendant a note suggesting they make a tannoy announcement enquiring into the health of a fellow traveller because of the noxious fumes being emitted from their person.

A spokesperson with Raleigh-Durham International Airport reports that mid-flight passengers on the plane began to feel ill and nauseous with headaches.

The International Business Times was even more descriptive, writing the sick man "broke wind so violently it caused nausea and headaches among his fellow passengers".

The flight, which was not identified by RDU officials, landed at the airport around 4 p.m. when the incident was reported.

An American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in Raleigh after a report of a passenger who passed gas.

However airport officials then backtracked slightly, describing it simply as a 'medical call'.

Person "passes gas" on an American Airlines plane, .

American Airlines, however, said the smell was due to a mechanical issue.

Right now the plane is out of commission until maintenance crews can figure out the cause.

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