[Hands-on] HTC launches Amazon Alexa support for the US

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 17, 2017

Further, the Alexa can also be triggered by the company's proprietary "HTC Edge Sense" technology where users just have to squeeze the side of the phone. It was announced in 2014, but finally made its appearance in 2015 in Amazon Echo. For example, it is important to sign up for alerts on the newest deals available and also on wait lists for items you are interested in.

To block someone you would like to stop being able to call or message you navigate to the Calling And Messaging menu in the Alexa app.

Unlike the Huawei Mate 9s implementation, HTC Alexa can use your location to find nearby places, unfortunately, it still wont tell you the weather in you actual location.

That's not to say there's a shortage of digital assistants from companies including Google, Apple, Samsung and others. HTC USA shared last week that the flagship phone is getting a new personal assistant.

You can temporarily block alerts for messages and calls on one or more of your supported Echo devices using the Do Not Disturb feature.

Once you activate it, Alexa on the U11 works precisely like it does on an Echo in your home. For all of these common smartphone things, you have to use Google's Assistant, which does every single one of them well.

"Customers on the move can ask Alexa on the U11 for music and news, to cool their smart house on their way home from work, to check if they locked their front door, and to access thousands of other Alexa skills".

Among the biggest hits of the annual event were Amazon's Echo speakers and other Alexa devices. You can not depend on it as your sole voice assistant.

Alexa for HTC U11 is available in the US now, with a United Kingdom launch expected later in July. Amazon may sacrifice some Echo hardware sales in rolling out the feature to the U11, but it has a chance to generate money through sales directed to Amazon.com via Alexa. You can get many of your daily tasks done just by asking to your phone and the Assistant will be right there on your screen to help you out with your questions or queries. Amazon has long touted the Echo's ability to let you shop by voice, so you can reorder batteries or paper towels with a simple command. Theoretically, if you have the Amazon Alexa app installed, as well as an up-to-date version of Edge Sense, it should be easy enough to set up.

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