Google News gets a makeover, joins the rest in a redesigned look

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 29, 2017

In the old days of Google News, it wasn't exactly easy to find fact checks about articles that were presented in the feed.

It may be a while since you took a look at Google News, but there's never been a better time to revisit the site. Some of the information on the results has changed like the addition of article labels and publisher names getting more focus. Google dedicated the navigation column on the left to sections that users customise. You can jump quickly to news you enjoy, whether it's standard sections like Sports or Entertainment, or those created by you and powered by your queries, such as "Cricket World cup' or "Hollywood', among others".

Elsewhere, it has introduced a series of new tabs at the top of the search page. The first two tabs are fairly self explanatory, but the For You section attempts to analyze your interests and create a mini-feed that's more relevant to you personally. In "Local", one can track stories from any part of the world - from your hometown to where you do business to where you went to school.

"People have told us these labels identify important facets of a story and provide more context", wrote Anand Paka, Google News' product manager, in a blog post.

Google News for desktop has been redesigned with a new user interface (UI), story cards, dedicated fact Check block, and more. However, this feature is only accessible to US users. From there you can go deeper and read articles with different points of view which are frequently labeled with helpful tags (e.g., Local Source, Most Referenced, Opinion, or Fact Check). The newest version of Google News makes fact-checking more readily accessible, with a Fact Check block now planted in the right rail, featuring the latest investigations from sites like PolitiFact and Snopes. You can modify the stories that you would want to see in the "For You" section. We hope the new design enables you to easily access quality journalism, bolstered with meaningful insights and comprehensive coverage.

As you can see the new Google News layout consists of a user-configurable sidebar, a list of Story Cards - which display quick info tidbits at a glance - and extra information including weather reports and commonly-searched keywords.

In addition to the Fact Check tag, Google News will feature a Fact Check block to the right-hand column under the local weather and news box, though this feature at present only appears in the USA version of Google News.

The updated interface is now rolling out to all users of Google News.

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