CNN journalists resign over retracted story

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 29, 2017

It was reported on Monday that three journalists from CNN resigned over a story about the Russian Federation investigation and a member of President Trump's transition team.

All three journalists were highly respected and their resignations were said to have come as a surprise to their colleagues. The network also routinely bears much of the brunt of Trump's rhetorical attacks on the press. The retracted CNN story was heavily dependent upon on anonymous source.

The article was posted on CNN's website on Thursday before being pulled on Friday.

CNN said the story didn't meet its editorial standards.

Mr. Scaramucci accepted CNN's apology, saying, "CNN did the right thing".

The release of the embarrassing video comes after another high-profile fake news flop at the network.

What makes Huckabee Sanders's call to action more disturbing is that-beyond telling Americans to watch the work of someone she can't vouch for as accurate and who anyone would have little reason to trust-one of O'Keefe's videos, Taxpayers Clearing House, was funded secretly by Peter Thiel.

Thomas Frank, who wrote the piece, Eric Lichtblau, an editor in the investigative unit, and Lex Haris, an editor at CNN since 2001 who oversaw the unit, are all departing following a management review of the story.

None of the three journalists responded to NPR's requests for comment.

Donald Trump calling for CNN President Jeff Zucker to explain the retracted story.

Recently, CNN reported in advance of former FBI Director James Comey's Senate testimony that the embattled former FBI chief would contradict Trump's claims that Comey had told him that he wasn't a target of the probe.

CNN said in a statement that it is standing by Bonifield.

Neither contention proved to be true. But Comey testified to the opposite effect, saying that he confirmed such claims to Trump.

Some conservative journalists who have been critical of CNN gave the network high marks last night. Rather, it meant that "the story wasn't solid enough to publish as-is", one of the people briefed on the investigation said.

In a new undercover video, a CNN producer is caught on tape admitting that CNN's obsessions with Donald Trump and Russian Federation are due to chasing ratings from their liberal audience.

The White House quickly took advantage Tuesday with blistering presidential tweets and a media scolding at the afternoon press briefing.

Elsewhere, Project Veritas had posted a video on YouTube purporting to show a CNN Health supervising producer talking about the ratings-driven nature of cable news' focus on the Russian Federation story.

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