Dom Lever dumps Jessica Shears after alleged romp session

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Giugno 28, 2017

Love Island 2016's Cara and Nathan have announced that they are expecting their first child, despite breaking up. "For me it's been insane to even have this story come out".

It comes as Jessica and Mike both appeared on ITV2's spin-off show Aftersun on Sunday night. Jess claimed that the only time she went to Mike's room was to knock on his door in the morning to wake him after he overslept. I was so hurt about something that it drove me to do something that I didn't really want to do. Ever alone. Here I've got my arm round her because she was sad. "It was mentally draining, I fell straight to sleep".

The two admitted that they had become closer since being evicted together, but Jess confirmed there was nothing sexual or romantic going on at all.

She also told Flack: "Absolutely nothing happened". "And it's nearly laughable because now he's been an angel and I've messaged him a lot since we've got back and the show's been on because I've been crying all the time about it".

A mysterious source previously claimed to The Sun that Shears had done the dirty on Dom, telling them: "Jess and Mike fancied the trousers off each other from the minute they met - last night was the ideal opportunity to enjoy time together in private off-camera and they didn't waste a moment". He's now coupled with newbie Tyla - what will this mean for his relationship with Jess? "I'd lose my head, I'd literally lose it, I'd just want to shake her".

The drama continued after the show where it is alleged he spent the night with Jessica Shears who was voted off at the same time - despite her romance with fellow contestant Dom Lever. "I genuinely see us working outside the villa".

As a fourth put: "If jess and mike say nothing happened they are lyinggggggg #LoveIsland @LoveIsland".

The interviews didn't leave everyone convinced, as fans enjoyed watching Caroline's Paxman-style interrogation.

Jessica and Mike's statements are at odds with sources who claimed that they slept with each other right after their exit.

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