Trump to welcome India's prime minister to White House

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 27, 2017

Rogin noted that Modi had recently made high-profile visits to Russia, France and Germany, and that he may be preparing for alternatives in case his push to warm ties with Washington under Trump doesn't pan out. Moreover, both Trump and Modi are populist leaders who have capitalized on their polities' demands for political upheaval.

Following the joint opening statements to the media, both leaders and their respective delegations will attend a cocktail reception hosted by Vice President Mike Pence on the State Floor of the White House between 3:00 a.m. and 3.30 a.m.

On Sunday, Prime Minister of India #narendra modi spoke in front of the representatives of the Indian diaspora in Washington and its environs.

After their meetings, Modi and Trump will make statements in the Rose Garden.

Calling corruption as the root cause due to which "the previous governments were changed in India", Modi said his government has emerged corruption-free in the last three years.

As they concluded their remarks, Modi and Trump walked up to each other and embraced.

"We agreed on most things and I would say by the end of the day we'll agree on everything", Trump said.

"I think President Trump is slightly ahead of Modi, but I think this shows the kind of leaders they are", the official said. Trump did not mention usa differences with India on immigration and the Paris climate accord. Britain's Daily Express proclaimed, "Hand in Hand United We Stand".

The leaders of the world's two largest democracies will convene at the White House. The White House official said the question of visas were not specifically on the agenda.

President Donald Trump says the US and India are working to grow their respective economies.

"This is an opportunity for President Trump to reaffirm India's importance to the United States, the fact that the US supports India playing a larger role in the Asia Pacific", a senior administration official said.

Trump said he is keen to work with Modi on creating a "fair and reciprocal" trading relationship between the two nations and called for the removal of "barriers" for the export of USA goods into Indian markets.

Trump and Modi are alike in many ways.

As they met, a Pentagon agency said the U.S. State Department has approved the possible sale to India of a Boeing C-17 transport aircraft with an estimated cost of $366 million (£287.78 million).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his most compelling invitation to American business to invest in India, telling them that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that will come into effect from July 1 could be a subject of study in U.S. business schools.

"Nobody makes military equipment like we make military equipment, so thank you very much", Trump said.

Something that also struck a discord with Trump's nationalist instincts in recent times was Modi inviting USA and other worldwide companies, like Apple, to set up manufacturing plants in India under the "Make in India" initiative.

While progress is expected in defence trade and cooperation, there are frictions elsewhere between the United States and India. "I have a feeling", he joked.

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