'Transformers: The Last Knight' debuts to a franchise low

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Giugno 27, 2017

' Transformers The Last Knight" knocked "Cars 3' off the top of the USA box office for the weekend ending Sunday. (2008). The animated Pixar movie Cars 3 tied with Wonder Woman for second place, earning $99.9 million after just 10 days in cinemas. With another $7.4 million in the tank, the underwater shark thriller has a ten-day total of $24.2 million.

The action film starring Gal Gadot has made a total of $318.3 million in domestic ticket sales in four weeks, according to industry tracker Exhibitor Relations. However, it opened far below the previous entries in the series.

The Transformers franchise has historically been massively profitable.

Reviews of The Last Knight were generally terrible, although The New York Times' critic Neil Genzlinger praised Anthony Hopkins' performance, and audience members gave the film an exit score of B+ in CinemaScore polls. Paramount said it earned an estimated US$265.3 million worldwide. The movie's global roll-out is staggered, but has yielded $41.4 million from 26 markets so far.

Paramount executives and other investors aren't likely wringing their hands this week after Transformers: The Last Knight debuted in China with $120 million*, but beneath those box office numbers lie some troubling signs suggesting Chinese moviegoers - who have contributed an increasingly larger share to the franchise's global box office over the past decade - are losing interest in Michael Bay's bombastic vision.

A longtime Hollywood cash cow managed to come on top at the box office this weekend, but with greatly diminished returns when compared to its predecessors. Age of Extinction may have had a nine-figure three-day start, but it ultimately fell flat in final domestic numbers with a $245.4 million final gross.

This image released by Warner Bros.

In third is Wonder Woman with $25.1 million.

Although it hasn't been a smash hit overseas for Disney, bringing in an estimated $41.4 million during its run (compared to just under $100 million in this country), debuts in fresh foreign markets might help some.

Floating up to fourth place from last week's #5 debut, '47 Meters Down' had a surprisingly strong second weekend. Much like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the popularity of Transformers has dwindled domestically, but the worldwide box office continues to grow. I'm not sure $60 million is low enough to call time of death on the series, but I'm guessing Paramount will think twice before throwing $215 million at the sixth film. Finally, there's AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING.

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