Sheeran admits to Glastonbury nerves

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Giugno 27, 2017

Britain's Radiohead returned to Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage on Friday, 20 years after a legendary performance at the festival, with a set that mocked Prime Minister Theresa May's election campaign and pulled songs from almost all of their albums.

Ed Sheeran is hitting back after fans accused his June 25 Glastonbury set of not being 100% live. In actuality, Sheeran was using a loop pedal, which allowed one guitar segment to repeat while he played another one and it's a process he has used for a long time, but apparently, not everyone knows that.

"In a way we are up against that, so the best thing we can do is just throw a party - one big giant keg party and have fun".

Victoria then joined her boys in style, arriving in a helicopter, and sharing snaps on her social media of her wine sipping soirée - leave it to VB to turn Glastonbury into a chic affair. "Love you all x".

Victoria Beckham put in a surprise appearance at this weekend's Glastonbury Festival, where she was spotted cosying up to husband David Beckham.

Ed Sheeran is exhausted of his artistry being questioned.

During his set, Sheeran performed a string of his hits including Castle On The Hill, Lego House and Shape Of You.

The audience took him up on the challenge; joining in wistfully as he sang the ballads Photograph and Thinking Out Loud.

Vendors also began clearing away their stalls in the last hours of music and parties across the 900 acres of fields following the five-day extravaganza.

The last time the festival lay fallow, as it is known, was in 2012 and it is planned to do so again next year.

Katy Perry performed on the Pyramid Stage and told the Glastonbury crowd that she felt being included in the line-up had made her cool. He said recently: "I'm not leaving the site".

"We're already booking acts for that one", Eavis said.

As always with a festival as huge as Glastonbury, the line up can't please everyone!

Avon and Somerset said police said crime had increased at the 2017 festival when compared to 2016 figures.

There have been 64 arrests - mainly for theft and drug offences - since the musical extravaganza opened, an increase on the 35 made previous year.

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