Dali's bones to be exhumed in Spain for paternity test

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Giugno 27, 2017

The decision follows a paternity suit lodged with the Spanish courts, nearly 3 decades after his death. Abel filed a lawsuit against the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and the Gala Dali Foundation, in his capacity as legal heirs of the painter, which was passed by the Madrid Court.

She then attempted to find personal items belonging to Dali, who died in 1989 aged 85.

The buried remains of eccentric surrealist artist Salvador Dali will be exhumed for testing in a paternity suit following an order by a judge in Madrid, the BBC reported Monday.

The judge has decided the only way to decide the case is by digging up Dali's remains and running DNA tests.

The sexagenarian behind the complaint, Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, claims the artist had an affair with her mother, a maid, in the mid-1950s.

According to Spanish daily El Pais, Abel was told she was Dali's daughter repeatedly by her paternal grandmother, who would tell her: "I know you are not my son's daughter... but I love you the same". Others have claimed that Dali was in a romance with the openly-gay poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Dali was known for his surrealist works, rising to fame for 1931 artwork The Persistence of Memory.

Dali also had a soft spot for Israel.

Returning to Catalonia after 12 years, he invited French poet Paul Eluard and his Russian wife Elena Ivanovna Diakonova to Cadaques. She became his muse and remained at his side for the rest of her life. The couple did not have children together.

But despite the reportedly unusual relationship, Gala was still his soulmate. Dali was extremely wealthy when he died.

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