Lawyer says Trump not under investigation

Geronimo Vena
Giugno 20, 2017

But Sekulow said that Trump was reacting to a Washington Post story that said special counsel Robert Mueller was examining whether Trump had tried to obstruct the probe by firing Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey in May.

He said Trump's tweet was based only on The Washington Post report.

To defend their precarious legal perch, Sekulow and crew have been reduced to slipping into their argument a statement that Trump hasn't been informed of any formal investigation.

The lawyer also suggested Twitter s character limit may be partly to blame.

Moreover, the Republican commander in chief appeared to confirm the Post's report in another tweet. He can not in a Twitter statement include all of that in there.

"Brian, we're friends, and I'm not going to discuss legal advice I have given to my client, the president of the United States", Sekulow responded. Witch Hunt. "Robert Mueller, the special counsel named by the Justice Department to probe the Russia matter, is investigating whether anyone associated with Trump or his campaign had any illegal dealings with Russian officials or others with ties to the Kremlin".

But by Sunday, that report and the narrative that Trump was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from impeachment, fell apart. Meanwhile, the rumors doing the rounds are indicating that Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice with respect to the firing.

A member of President Donald Trump's outside legal team says the president isn't under federal investigation.

Former US attorney Preet Bharara, whom Trump fired in March after Bharara refused to resign along with a raft of other Obama-era Justice Department attorneys, slammed Trump's choice to pick the attorney for his team.

"Sekulow said that Trump, in his tweet, was reacting to a story in the Washington Post that was the first to report Mueller was examining whether Trump had tried to obstruct the probe by firing FBI director James Comey in May.On "Fox News Sunday", Sekulow said that he was certain the president was not under investigation because he had received no notification or other indication that he was.Pressed on the issue by host Chris Wallace, Sekulow acknowledged that he could not be certain".

Schiff also said he believes recent congressional testimony from Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions points to signs of possible obstruction by Trump that warrant further investigation. He says that President Donald Trump, Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Democratic lawmakers should not be presuming an outcome.

Angus King, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, estimated that investigators are just 20 percent into their probe, which could last for months.

"This is a very complex matter, involving thousands of pages of intelligence documents, lots of witnesses".

While aides have advised Trump to stay off Twitter, the president continued to weigh in Sunday as he spent the weekend at Camp David, the government-owned presidential retreat in Maryland. "Military runs it so well and are so proud of what they do!" he posted.

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