Jay Z To Drop New Album '4:44'

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Giugno 20, 2017

This one appeared on Tidal with the song title above it - and (gasp!) it lists Jay Z's name with the hyphen that he officially removed in 2013, while the clip renders his name "Jay:Z".

Rapper Jay Z's new album, titled 4:44, will release on June 30. Today the word on the e-streets is that "4:44" The New Jay Z Album Will Drop Via Tidal & Sprint.

Jay Z announced the release date of his first new album in four years on Sunday night.

Claure added that existing Sprint customers and people who switch to their service will also receive access to a complimentary six-month trial of TIDAL HiFi, besides having exclusiveness in listening to 4:44 before everyone else. If you go to Sprint.com and page through the links promoting their new partnership with Tidal, you end up finding this message. A snippet of a new song, "Adnis", is included in the below post.

But even with the rapid growth worldwide in streaming, Tidal has struggled and remains a small player in a market dominated by Sweden's Spotify. Please note the fine print above, which informs you that you'll be automatically subscribed to a $9.99 a month Tidal premium account after six months. But it won't exactly be a total Sprint exclusive like the company is making it seem... However, there was no indication that any of the projects were up for release anytime soon. Amount based on early termination fee charged or remaining phone balance.

A snippet of the album's commercial featuring Jay Z's new song "Adnis", actor Danny Glover and Oscar victor Mahershala Ali was released on Sunday night. Not only is the rapper busy playing daddy to his newborn twinswith wife Beyonce, he also is preparing for the release of his new album 4:44.

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