Gym Badges, Co-Op Raids Coming to Pokemon Go

Geronimo Vena
Giugno 20, 2017

Niantic hasn't so much as hinted at how long the gyms will be disabled, but based on the leaks and rumors leading up to the anniversary, it will be a significant overhaul of the gym battling system.

Pokémon Go is set to receive a whole host of new content over the next few months including redesigned gyms, raid battles and new items, as reported by IGN.

First of all, gyms will now give items just like Poke Stops do.

Niantic said at last month's TNW conference that the company planned to extend the multi-player functionality of the game - and that gyms would play a key role in this. But wait, there's more. Moreover, it is also believed the developer could be making fixes within the AR title's doable gym defenders as this has been one of the long-time concerns of most trainers. Instead, every gym now has six permanent slots that anyone of the controlling team can fill with their Pokemon.

A feature fans have been crying out for is also on the way. There's a new motivation system as well, that drops a Pokemon's CP after a defeat or a particular duration spent defending. Pokemon at a Gym will lose their motivation over time and as they lose battles. These passes can be either bought in the cash shop or found at a local Pokemon Gym, but trainers can only hold one pass at a time, which means if you lose the battle, you need a new pass. Gym conquerors will also earn badges which can be leveled up for use at Pokestops in order to get better items.

Raid battles are being added, too. Soon thereafter, you can look forward to a new update focused on collaborative group gameplay features that will get you playing Pokemon GO in fun new ways.

People have been requesting PvP battles since launch so hopefully this is the new feature that is coming out soon.

There's also going to be Gym Badges that you can collect for getting involved the Gyms, suggesting that people are now more interested in collecting Pokemon than battling. Players will also be given some special rewards for leveling up their badges. The former can transform into candy for any Pokemon, and the latter can be fed to a Pokemon in order to make it easier to catch. The Golden Razz Berries will function like Razz Berries (but will be way more powerful), and the Fast/Charge Technical Machines will allow you to permanently change the Fast/Charge move for a Pokemon.

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