Australian, three other men tunnel out of Bali jail

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 20, 2017

Shaun Davidson, 33, from Perth has found himself the subject of a manhunt after he and three others allegedly escaped the notorious Bali prison on Monday morning.

Four foreign prisoners have tunnelled out of jail on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali, including an Australian man who was going to be freed within months, police said Monday.

Davidson was jailed for a year in 2016 for using another man's passport.

Davidson is not only on the run for skipping the last few weeks of his sentence, he is also wanted for drug offences back home in Perth.

Police said immigration and airport authorities had been alerted and a manhunt was underway. He was found in possession of 22g of methamphetamines at the time of his arrest.

The Indonesian police believe that the men are still in Bali and not far from the prison.

Prison escapes are fairly common in Indonesia and authorities launched an investigation last month after around 350 inmates broke out of an overcrowded jail on Sumatra island in Riau Province.

An Indian man, Saye Mohammed Said, was serving 14 years for drug offences, Malaysian Tee Kok King was serving seven-and-a-half years for drug offences and Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolov Iliev was doing seven years for money laundering.

Davidson said he lost his passport.

He had only two months and 15 days remaining on his sentence.

He said he had been expecting a "living hell" when he was incarcerated in April a year ago after being named a suspect. He also believed that the men were still in Bali.

Davidson had spent the year before he was apprehended boxing and partying in Bali.

Sayed Mohammad Said was last seen by another prisoner during morning prayers and again at 6.30am.

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