FCC filing hints at Sonos smart speaker

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 29, 2017

The filing doesn't provide too many details, it does reference a device named "Product model S13" that features far-field microphones created to isolate voices within a room, a feature that's found in other smart home speakers like the Amazon Echo. Multiple platforms for voice recognition and a choice of music services are said to be available on the S13.

Sonos joins an ever-increasing list of companies entering the smart speaker market now dominated by Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo that first launched in 2015. The FCC filing also included the graphic below which you can see hinted at in the lower-right corner of the invitation. The codename doesn't give us any idea of where it fits into Sonos' pre-existing line-up of speakers unfortunately.

Sonos is preparing to release its own smart speaker in the near future which potentially integrates multiple voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. Will Sonos free us from Apple, Google, and Amazon ecosystem lock-in by letting us choose between Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice assistants as it does with music services?

Sonos is best known for its high-quality speaker systems that, while often more expensive than other products, provide a first-class multiroom audio experience.

ZatsNotFunny writer David Zats discovered this FCC filing where it looks like Sonos will be introducing a new line of speajers that will use far-field microphones for "integrated voice control".

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