FARC begins transition from guerrilla group into political party

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 29, 2017

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on Sunday began its transition to a political party with plans to stand at the general elections next year.

"We will continue to fight for the creation of a democratic political system that will guarantee peace with social justice, respect for human rights, and economic development with wellbeing for all who live in Colombia", added Londono, who fought under the nom de guerre "Timochenko".

The move follows a peace deal signed past year with the Colombian government.

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FARC's potential for electoral success is uncertain; a September poll showed the then-militant group's popularity at 18% compared to 14% for Colombia's political parties, but the failure of the initial peace referendum in October triggered significant public animosity towards the group. After choosing the party's name, policies, and congressional candidates, FARC will officially launch the party on September 1.

As part of the peace deal, signed by Santos and Londono on November 24, the new party is set to have 10 seats in Congress as of congressional elections in 2018.

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