Upcomog LG V30 Smartphone Will Come with Hi-Fi Sound & Streaming

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 28, 2017

LG Electronics Inc. said Monday its flagship smartphone, the V30, will be equipped with premium audio-related features in addition to high-end camera functions. While the original Hi-Fi Quad DAC emphasized delivering Hi-Fi sound as close as possible to the original source by minimizing distortion and white noise, Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers more customizable options, as stated by LG.

On Monday, the South Korean tech giant added the LG V30 will be equipped with the Hi-Fi Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) for improved audio. In developing sound presets, LG identified the best combination of sounds to create four optimal pre-programmed settings: enhanced, detailed, live and bass. The V30 should also excel at audio streaming, as it's using high resolution streaming technology from UK-based MQA Ltd. And the handset's HD Audio Recorder is capable of using the audio receiver simultaneously as a microphone. The RAM can record loud sounds clearly, so the LG V30 can record a wider dynamic range of sounds, from a whisper to a thunderstorm, without distortion as per statement of LG. Moreover, similar to the V20, the new device will come with high quality B&O Play earphones in the box.

The LG V30 is set to be officially unveiled on August 31.

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