'Hurricane Hawk' flies into taxi to take refuge from Hurricane Harvey

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 27, 2017

The cab driver has taken several videos of the hawk in the taxi, and then of the hawk in his home.

Taxi driver William Bruso posted a video showing the "Hurricane Hawk" seeking refuge in his cab.

"He looks kind of scared", Bruso observes.

He recorded several videos of the bird in the auto and in Bruso's home, which he posted on YouTube.

"So I guess I'll just allow him to hunker down and ride around with me till he wants to go". Bruso claims he tried to get the bird out, but the hawk refused. Videos later showed the animal perched on the door of his parked vehicle, still refusing to fly away. So, Bruso takes it on an errand with him and the hawk eventually settles in the family's basement.

He says he's been feeding the bird, who he calls "Sgt. Hurricane Harvey".

A representative from the Texas Wildlife Rescue Center took Harvey the hawk on Saturday, Bruso says.

"You're going bye-bye buddy", Bruso said.

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