How Marvel's Netflix Phase 2 Should Look

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 27, 2017

He revealed as much to The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview, while also saying that he had some input into the choreography of Stick's death scene. "Because I told Jeph [Loeb, exec producer], 'I should have one moment in this fight where if I had chosen to, I could have killed her, and I back off.' I don't know if that's still in or not, but if it's not, it should be!" "I don't know if that's still in or not, but if it's not, it should be!"

"It's hard to answer that question". Right now, all of my consciousness - which is this weird time machine that actors find themselves in - is with Castle Rock [at Hulu]. Would you like to see Stick return? A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City.

Reunited with Claire, and seemingly reconciled with Jessica Jones following the events of her own series, Luke Cage has already eased back into his role as protector of Harlem; he's even asking questions about the activities of Mariah and Shades, who took over Cottonmouth's criminal empire.

Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter reprise their roles as Matt, Jessica and Luke respectively and once again embody their characters beautifully.

Marvel's The Defenders delivered all the drama and action of Daredevil, while wrapping up (and improving!) major story beats from Iron Fist and minor ones from the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage The heroes assembled under the watchful yet untrustworthy eye of Stick to save New York City from the threat of the Hand, and in the process, brought to a close the era that began in 2015, and set the stage for Phase 2. However, that is not the only crossover that Marvel and Defenders fans are longing for. Ever since these shows were announced, fans have been wondering when we might be able to see these characters appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper or when we might see a movie character appear on one of the shows. They always like to say "it's all connected", but the most we get in the Netflix world is the occasional reference to "magic hammers" or "the green guy" or "the incident". Hit the next button below to begin!

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