Marvel TV Wants To Try Out More Comedy Like The MCU

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 25, 2017

Marvel Television's senior vp of original programming Karim Zreik teased a few new directions for the increasingly prolific studio at the Edinburgh TV Festival on Thursday.

While we don't know when this new Jessica Jones-esque show is expected, viewers can catch the hard-nosed, hard-drinking PI on Marvel's The Defenders, which is now streaming on Netflix.

"Comedy is something we really want to go into", Zreik said, highlighting the success of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel on the big screen.

The seemingly comedic New Warriors is already in development at Freeform for a 2018 debut, and back in January 2016 then-ABC President Paul Lee said that a unspecified Marvel comedy was in development. "It's Jessica Jones-esque", he said, without providing further details.

What kind of "Jessica Jones-esque" series would like to see at ABC?

Marvel now has 14 TV series, with the Daredevil audience skewing male, the Jessica Jones audience skewing female, the Luke Cage audience "sort of a mix", and Iron Fist bringing in a younger demographic.

In the same panel, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Zreik spoke more broadly about Marvel's desire to continue to diversify its TV audiences, bringing in not just comic book fans, but audiences of all genders and ages.

THR said that Marvel Television has 14 TV shows now, but don't specify which ones they classify as theirs. The show is set to premiere in Imax cinemas - the first time for a TV series - with the first two episodes having been shot in Imax in Hawaii.

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