Trevor Noah Notices Something Very Familiar About Donald Trump's Afghanistan Speech

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 24, 2017

"I'm sorry, look, I know that he's been president for seven months, but seeing Donald Trump making military decisions is still weird for me", Noah said.

Although "The Daily Show" host still thinks it's odd, he doesn't want to pre-judge "Mr. Pizza Hut" on such matters because he is still unclear on the president's plan once the troops are stationed in the battlefield.

Trump announced he's not pulling troops from this country's longest war, but, other than that, Noah said, "his strategy is like his position on Nazis - it's unclear".

Trump also boasted about his ability to solve problems, something that he believed would make him a prime candidate to settle conflict in Afghanistan. "I'm a problem solver and, in the end, we will win".

While many pundits praised the speech, Noah referred to it as just a muted version of what Trump really wanted to say.

Noah did say it was a refreshing speech "because he didn't bring up the electoral college for a change", although he ridiculed Trump for going off script to refer to terrorists as losers. "Donald Trump's already given white supremacists pretty much everything they want: He's building the wall, he's banning Muslims, he's taking away black people's voting rights, he even blocked Tyler Perry from dropping any new Madea movies".

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