Terence Crawford Unifies Four Belts For Just Second Time In Boxing History

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 23, 2017

The IBF chose to end that practice for all unified title fights, beginning with the rare four-belt unification match between Crawford and Indongo.

"Second-day weigh-ins will remain in effect for all other [IBF] bouts", IBF president Daryl Peoples told ESPN.

"During the IBF convention in May, we chose to waive the second day weigh-ins for unification bouts". Reasons apparent is that it is due to the second day weigh-in limiting fighter's to how much they can re-hydrate following the original weigh-in, well that's the reasons given by a number of fighter's. Normal practices have been that all IBF title/eliminator bouts require a second weigh in on the day of the fight, where fighters can not weigh more than ten pounds over from their original recorded weight from the official weigh in.

Perhaps Crawford is climbing a division in an effort to Andre Ward as the No.1 pound-for-pound fighter on Earth. But he also had a weight advantage against Golovkin, who did participate in the weight check.

Prior to the fight there were some concerns that Crawford struggled to make the weight.

A number of world title unification's have been tainted with fighters giving up the option to fight for the IBF title. In the case of Crawford-Indongo, there was no such issue since the IBF waived the weight check.

Because Golovkin remains a unified champion, including the IBF title, there won't be a second-day weigh-in for his showdown with Canelo Alvarez on September 16 in Las Vegas now that the organization has ended the practice.

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